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Photo from the race

Extremely flat, out-n-back

1 hill with gradual inclines
fast downhill

5.8 mile loop, if 5k is
not enough

For those who can't attend,
but want to support

A kid-friendly obstacle course
& run, all within view of the
commanders (parents)

FREEDOM RUN 5K - Thursday, August 2, 6:30 P.M.

Presented by UnityPoint Health Trinity
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What started out as a dream and a desire to help the Quad Cities area's Veteran and active duty Military and their families became a reality. Come out and give something back to your Military and their families - They've all given so much to us. You don't have to run.  You can watch, you can cheer, you can sponsor and you can volunteer! However you decide to participate, you're going to have fun!

We are honored to have your support! Whether you're a participant, running, walking, pushing a stroller, a sponsor, a spectator, a neighbor out on the course, a volunteer, it's all support and appreciation for our men and women serving (or served) in our Armed Forces.

From the cannon used as a “starter’s pistol” to the “dog-tag” medals the soldiers will place around the participants necks at the finish line, this unique event is “military” from start to finish. The WWII Army jeep as the pace car, the various military vehicles throughout the course, the 100+ American flags lining the course, the camo-netting over the refreshments area, the unique military style tee shirt each participant will receive, this event will be 100% military. We know you're in for a very special experience!

More than anything, though, the Freedom Run 5K is about our American Forces – Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, and Navy – joining together in the spirit of camraderie and community. It’s a chance for the troops to extend the military 'esprit de corps' and civilians to thank them for their support, to say thanks simply by participating.


People run, walk, or roll in the Freedom Run for many different reasons. Some are trying to break records or achieve personal bests. Some come in memory of parents or grandparents who spent their careers in the military, or of loved ones who lost their lives in the line of duty. Many are honoring sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, or mothers and fathers who are in the military today. Others come to salute America’s injured soldiers who participate in the 5K and demonstrate for all the true spirit of “soldiering on”. And hundreds of others will come to simply thank the men and women of the US Forces for all they do at home and abroad.

Behind the “dog tag” medal that participants receive when they cross the finish line, there is a story. We’d love to hear yours. Click Here to tell us why you run, walk or roll in the Freedom Run 5K.

Thank you all for supporting our Military, for serving in our Military, and for helping our event show our appreciation with your participation.

Respectfully, Joe

Joe Moreno - Race Director, Freedom Run 5K

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